Orange County Skater Girls

drop in together

I loved this picture when I saw it and it gets better it’s a video – go check out Sandy Toes Photography to watch it.

She’s not the only lucky 3 year old – turns out she’s at a lesson with Shreducate Academy.  I love finding out about programs that encourage girls to skateboard for fun.

Skateboarding is fun alone and it can totally clear your mind and be a killer core workout but there’s something about skating with friends that’s special.

And there’s definitely something special about Girls Power – I follow Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word for the rad pictures and solid advice.  Recently they posted

Screen shot 2015-07-29 at 10.29.21 AM

Anyone who lives by that list is a friend for life!  And by live I mean on & off the board.   Style is 24/7!

One thought on “Orange County Skater Girls”

  1. We love all your posts and positive vibes Skating Fashionista!

    And we have one more tip to add to the Strong Girls Know list :

    “Strong girls know when to admit they have made a mistake.”

    We made a big old typo when we posted that list about Strong Girls. Yep. We added an “s” to Girl when it should have been singular. That’s what we get when we change our titles back & forth when we are tired. Yikes!

    Thanks for loving us anyway – mistakes and all!


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