Persistence is a Life Skill

shot 1

In skateboarding you pay to play! And @autumn_tinkleberry Took a nasty slam but came back and got the line And that’s how it’s done! One tough girl!TheFarm Local skate park located in Virginia Beach

I had to share this because a skatepark that supports girls – that’s my kind of park and a girl who doesn’t give up is my kind of girl.

Our story doesn’t end here – she’s back skating & . . .

shot 2 with cast


. . . landing it with her new accessory – pink cast.

Since I’ve started this blog – I’ve seen so many rad photos and stories of skateboarding helping girls become stronger people.  It takes strength to face your fears – her fear was real she slammed – she faced it anyway and figured out how to land it.

In life your first try won’t always be successful – learning not to give up and try it a little different – that’s a stylish skill on & off the board.


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  1. This is soo rad! Thank you so much! Your blog is awesome and I’m honored to have the chance to be featured on it! Keep ripping! ✌️

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