Macy’s Supports Girls Skateboarding


This summer I’m fundraising for EXPOSURE Skate by selling these Macy’s Shop for a Cause tickets. For each one sold $5 goes to empower  girls through skateboarding that’s right Macy’s is donating 100% of ticket sales to EXPOSURE skate and a ticket gets you 25% off all day Saturday August 29th at any Macy’s in the world – this is a Golden Ticket see me soon to get yours!

This is a post from my IG today – I’m so excited that Macy’s believes #girlscanskate.  I’ll be at the Macy’s Fashion Valley on August 29th – just in time for back to school shopping!

Skateboarding & Styling in Canada


Ava is a girl like me – skating with her dad. She’s north of me – Canada north of me in Edmonton.

She’s only 7 but as you can see she’s got some rad outfits to keep it stylish on her board. It also looks like she has a couple of boards and one of them has my boy Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.

Share with me how you keep it stylish on the board or how you keep your board stylish – together we inspire and encourage each other to be more on and off the board.

Cali Girl Living & Skateboarding in Arkansas


When I saw Emily’s picture I knew she was having fun. Then I found out she was a Cali girl living and skateboarding in Arkansas and knew she was a girl who keeps it fun & fashionable everywhere.

I googled it – looks like it’s closer than I thought but far. Emily keep it stylish on and off the board and let us know if you get more girls skateboarding for fun in Arkansas – we believe in you.


Skateboarding for Miles & Miles


Dekai Navarro is a long distance skateboarder. She’s a member of the 100 Mile club – she’s actually the youngest female to complete 131.4 miles in 24 hours.

Truth I didn’t know there was a 100 Mile Club, but because Dekai took the time to share I am aware and in awe. I’m going to try it and I love her leggings which she says are from @thejivashop .

Remember we all win when we share what we can do and encourage others to do their best.

Skateboarding To & Around School

school ride

My first year of college wouldn’t have been the same without riding her to every class and everywhere I went, I love her to pieces! My sexy lady (aka my longboard) tonibaker

I admire all skateboarders who keep it stylish and fun.  And anyone who can make school fun is an inspiration to me. Toni probably gets to class on time too just another:   Thank You Skateboarding.

Keep sharing your skateboard adventures – more girls do skate as they see girls skateboarding.

Make History Even if You Have to Misbehave


Can’t believe it. The incredible @shanelondagin has done it again. He made me the coolest Birthday present ever.  Carly

Celebrating birthdays is always in style and I love, love, love personal gifts.  I’m not saying no to gift cards – keep sending them – I’m just saying personalized gifts really touch my heart.

Style isn’t about how much something costs – classic style is about how much something makes you feel happy. Style and fun are priceless.

Make sure to read her board –  Well behaved women rarely make history

Now go out there and keep it stylish on and off the board!

Never Give Up & Always Encourage Others to Try


I started skating on September 13th 2013, I practiced ollies that whole entire day, then landed it on September 14th 2013. Then I learned all the basics, and in November I landed a kickflip. A few weeks later it started snowing… I couldn’t skate for 7 months during that time! March of 2014 the snow melted and I had to relearn EVERYTHING except for the ollie! That’s when I really got into skating! I’m so glad I didn’t quit because of winter. Last summer I moved to California so I didn’t have to deal with snow or the cold! Now that I’m injured I just think if i let it heal then I can skate in no time! The main message here is never give up, if I would of given up I would of never met all the cool people i know from skating! Skateboarding can be your outlet to anger or anything… I feel free when I skate, I like it because there are no rules and no teacher! you can kickflip how you want to kickflip, you can wear what you want to wear! In a way it’s like an art! Just remember if you’re going through tough times or whatever, NEVER GIVE UP! I remember when I met @buddy1leg and @blakes25r it taught me to never give up and anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Buddy told me never give up so I won’t! EVER!! – Emma

Emma inspires me through her pictures and her messages.  I’m wishing her a speedy recovery. And if you want to learn more about Emma also check out Shop 3 Thirty where she’s an ambassador.

Ollies took me longer than a day – and kick turns well that took until some boy with hella good hair took the time to help me – point is whether you learn fast or slow – it’s all about the fun and not giving up.

Share your skateboarding stories – more girls do skateboard as they see girls skating and we encourage each other!