Friends On & Off the Board


Never underestimate the importance of friendship. They say new friends are silver and old friends gold. I say a true friend is diamond.

Absolutely love this picture of Olivia aka lilmissgardner and the caption “Riding with my Besty”.

When I first started skating it was hard making girlfriends – there just weren’t many girls – I’m grateful for more girls at the skate park. And I guess I have to thank skateboarding for “forcing” me to meet all kinds of new people. I used to be terrified of new parks, new anything – now I’m ok especially when I can face new with a friend.

Friendship is always in style – be authentic & true on and off the board.



2 thoughts on “Friends On & Off the Board”

  1. My daughter is going to be so stoked to see this! Thank you for all of the encouragement, it’s made her push harder knowing she’s got more support outside. This is the definition of girl power! Keep up the great work, your blog is just wonderful!

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