Skateboarding Posse


It’s Monday get out there skateboarding with your posse. I love that Andrea__Owl (yes 2 underscores) shared this photo.

Don’t have a posse – get out and skateboard anyway.  The posse will appear. Ok some days they don’t but I really believe that if you stick with skateboarding because you love it, you will attract a posse. And yes your posse can have boys – skateboarding is for everyone.

For me it isn’t about how high – how this or that – being the first, or even landing it – it’s about the fun and yes of course it’s me so the fashion. Be who you are when you skate – if you want to dress cute – do it – you want to wear makeup – wear it.

Your Vibe attracts your Tribe – so here’s to attracting a posse on & off the board that helps you be a better you.



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