Skateboarding Improves School Work?


Stefani Nurding is a busy skateboarder – she’s also a model and artist. Since starting this blog I’ve been amazed at not only how many talented and stylish skateboarding girls there are but how many of those girls are multi-talented.

Before skateboarding, I played a little basketball but never had a sport per say. My parents encouraged me to be active and I heard that sports actually made you a better student. I just didn’t believe it.

Now that I’m an active skateboarder, I do see how it’s made me a better student. The proof: report cards which show an improvement, the number of days absent has gone down, and my parents don’t have to chase me down over homework. Why the improvement? I think it’s because skateboarding really has taught me the value of persistence, patience and practice.

I’m not saying I’m a model student, but I’m sure a lot more balanced than I was before skateboarding. So thank you to skateboarding for really making a positive difference in my life both on and off the board.

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