GRO Girl Skateboard Sessions Work


I added a direct link on my blog. It’s to the GRO Girl Riders Organization event calendar. I just attended their San Diego event in Ocean Beach on Sunday 2/22 and I’m hoping to take a road trip to LA this coming weekend.

The San Diego girls I met were rad – we exchanged e-mails and are going to meet up the 4th Sunday of each month – check the link for details – for sure March 22nd 10-noon in Ocean Beach.

I’m not saying girls have to skate with girls or even that skating with girls is better than skating with boys. I’m saying I’d like to see more girls skateboarding. And I think that goal is achieved best by girls seeing girls skate and everyone encouraging girls to skate.

I found it inspirational as did other girls who went. Above Melissa aka peacknots shares about getting over mental blocks and I’ve seen e-mails from girls who left park encouraged to practice tricks like transition to 50-50 and rock to fakies and tail slides.

One girl is strong together we are stronger!  See you at the park and for me keep it fashionable!

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